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El arquetipo del rebelde en la psicología.

The Archetype of the Rebel in Psychology

Historically, the rebel archetype has manifested itself in various cultures and eras, taking differe…

Significado psicológico del loto.

The Lotus Flower: What is its Psychological Meaning?

The lotus flower is a profound and powerful symbol that can be found in various cultures and traditi…

La mariposa en la terapia simbólica.

The Butterfly: Its Psychological and Symbolic Significance

The power of symbols lies in their ability to encapsulate and convey complex and often indescribable…

Metáfora del iceberg en psicología.

The Iceberg Metaphor. Psychological Meaning

In psychology, metaphors are not just rhetorical tools, but powerful instruments that facilitate sel…

Uso de símbolos en psicoterapia o terapia simbólica.

Symbols and Psychology: Discover their Power

Since time immemorial, symbols have exercised a deep and persistent fascination over humanity. These…

El tren como metáfora del viaje en psicología.

The Train Metaphor: Exploring Our Life’s Journey

Throughout human history, metaphors have been used to explore and understand the complexity of the h…

La metáfora del árbol es una analogía muy poderosa.

The Tree of Life Metaphor. Meaning in Psychology

Metaphors have a special power in psychology, serving as bridges between the abstract and the tangib…

La metáfora de la Montaña en Psicología.

The Mountain Metaphor: The Power to Overcome Obstacles

Metaphors have the power to inspire us and completely change the way we look at life. Some examples …

La metáfora del autobús en la terapia de aceptación y compromiso.

The Bus Metaphor: Learn to Relate to Your Thoughts

The bus metaphor is a fascinating conceptual tool used to help people understand and manage their th…

El agua es una metáfora muy poderosa para la terapia.

Water as Metaphor

I am a lover of metaphors and little stories. Whenever I find one, I study and reflect deeply on it,…

La metáfora del jardín en la psicoterapia.

The Garden Metaphor in Psychotherapy. Discover its Potential

Metaphors are one of the most powerful tools that therapists possess. Among the vast number of metap…

El estoicismo es una rica filosofía de Vida.

Stoicism: The Art of Living Fully

My admired Ramiro Calle used to say that he was “afraid” that stoicism was becoming so p…

La metáfora es una poderosa herramienta terapéutica.

Metaphor in Psychological Therapy. Discover its Power

The use of metaphors in psychotherapy is an effective and versatile tool, deeply rooted in the human…

La muerte es un tema central en la psicoterapia existencial.

Death in Existential Psychotherapy

Death is a topic of profound significance that goes beyond being simply a biological phenomenon or a…

La terapia narrativa es un enfoque moderno.

Narrative Therapy What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Narrative therapy is an innovative therapeutic modality based on the premise that our lives are shap…

Aversión al riesgo en la psicología.

Risk Aversion and Psychology

Risk aversion is a concept widely studied in psychology, especially in the branches of economic and …

Sesgo del costo hundido en psicología.

Sunk Cost Bias. Definition and How to Avoid It

Sunk cost bias is a psychological phenomenon that plays an important role in human decision making, …

Anima y Animus son arquetipos clave en la psicología de Jung.

Anima and Animus. A Look at Duality

The concept of Anima and Animus is central to the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, a leadi…

El arquetipo de la madre en la psicología.

The Mother Archetype. Symbology and Meaning

The mother archetype encompasses much more than the literal idea of a biological mother. At its core…

Arquetipo del sabio y su significado psicológico.

The Archetype of the Sage in Psychology

The archetype of the sage represents the search for knowledge and truth. This archetype, popularized…

La técnica de la silla vacía es característica de la Gestalt.

The Empty Chair Technique

The empty chair technique is one of the most emblematic tools of Gestalt therapy, developed by Fritz…

Sesgo de confirmación en la psicología.

Confirmation Bias in Psychology.

Confirmation bias refers to our tendency to seek, interpret, favor and remember information in ways …

Inconsciente colectivo, concepto de Carl Jung.

The Collective Unconscious in Jungian Psychology

The concept of the collective unconscious is key to the work of Carl Gustav Jung, an emblematic figu…

La sincronicidad es un concepto propuesto por Carl Jung.

Synchronicity according to Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a concept that was coined by Carl Gustav Jung, one of the pioneers of depth psychol…



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